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Bread: Pure and Simple

I began baking in the summer of 2014 and experimented with many different kinds of bread. In the winter of 2015 I apprenticed with a master baker who teaches the value of baking exclusively with a natural levain and perfecting the art of simple bread. My goal moving forward is to offer the best and simplest bread possible using nothing but the ancient combination of flour, water, salt, time, and heat. 

Pulling a  loaf of ciabatta bread out of the oven.

Pulling a  loaf of ciabatta bread out of the oven.

Breads as of May 2015

Stone Valley Sourdough| 1.5 lb | $5.50

With 15% freshly ground, locally grown spelt and 80% hydration, this large loaf has a light open crumb, the nutty flavor of spelt and the superior nutritional benefits of natural fermentation.

Ingredients: Unbleached white flour, freshly ground spelt, water, levain, salt

 The Idealist’s Loaf| 1.0 lb | $4.75

This loaf is my opportunity to be as idealistic as possible. This ever-evolving bread will always be made with 100% local and organic ingredients. I will constantly be tweaking this recipe to incorporate as many locally-grown ancient grains into the bread as possible without neglecting quality and affordability.

Ingredients as of May 2015: Unbleached white flour, freshly ground spelt, freshly ground rye, levain, water, salt

Ciabatta | 1.2 lb | $5.00

Made from Daisy Organic Flour (locally grown and milled in Annville, PA), this classic loaf is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with a light, buttery taste. Also available in sandwich (5 oz) and dinner rolls (3 oz).

Ingredients: Daisy Organic bread flour, Daisy Organic pastry flour, water, salt, yeast, cornmeal


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