LeFevre Bakery


LeFevre Bakery is committed
to promoting health & caring
for the land while contributing
to its local community. 

Winds of Change at LeFevre Bakery

After apprenticing with a master baker, wintering in Vermont (read: having a lot of free time to think), and quitting my day job you can bet there are a lot of changes coming to LeFevre Bakery this summer season! 

The most important changes, and the ones I hope you care most about, have all to do with bread. Over the next two weeks before the inaugural day of the 2015 Huntingdon Farmers' Market (May 7th--mark yo' calendars!), I will be detailing the changes you can expect, how these changes effect the flavor, health and environmental impact of your daily bread.

Check back in to hear about freshly ground grains, natural fermentation, the ancient simplicity and complexity of flour + water + salt and more!

And of course, see you on May 7th! 

Sneak peek of Stone Valley Sourdough

Sneak peek of Stone Valley Sourdough

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